adsorbent filtering unit

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a major source of air pollution: they can cause a variety of health problems, while contributing to climate change.

DEC.AFU™ disposable activated carbon filters are a cost-effective and efficient way to remove VOCs from the air. Adsorbents (e.g. activated carbon) are porous material that show a large surface area: this allows it to trap VOC molecules, which are then unable to escape back into the air.

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Disposable adsorbent filters are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, suiting several needs for different industrial applications.

To ensure that DEC.AFU™ disposable adsorbent filters are effective, they should be replaced on a regular basis: the frequency of replacement will depend on the level of VOC emissions in the air.

DEC.AFU™ filters are a safe and effective way to remove VOCs from the air: they can help to improve air quality and protect human health. Non-regenerable DEC.AFU™ disposable adsorbent filters are a cost-effective solution for controlling VOC emissions typically lower than 10 tons per year.

DEC.AFU™ • primary stage filtration

DEC.AFU™ primary stage filtration, also known as sacrificial filtering units (usually in coalescing configuration C-AFU™), to combine combines the functions of a coalescing filter and an activated carbon filter) are typically installed prior to a DEC.SRU™ solvent recovery unit to protect it from unwanted contaminants (HHB): the C-AFU™ traps and absorbs the contaminants, reducing the contaminat quantities reaching the DEC.SRU™ solvent recovery unit. This will help to extend the life of the adsorbent used in the DEC.SRU™ while improving its performances.

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DEC.AFU™ • secondary stage filtration

The DEC.AFU™ unit can be coupled with the DEC.RSC™ direct condensation for further reduction of VOC emissions at the stack of the DEC.SRU™ solvent recovery unit.

DEC.AFU™ • backup filtration

DEC.AFU™ can be used as an emergency backup system to the main VOC abatement plant (typically an oxidizer) is required, the solution to install a temporary and/or disposable activated carbon filter (DEC.ACF™) may be the winning selection.

DEC.AFU™ • replacement and disposal

Once the activated carbon filter is saturated with the contaminant, the active carbon is then replaced with new carbon. The carbon is usaully going through an off-site reactivation process, a high-temperature cycle which destroys trapped organic pollutants and frees up the pores of the adsorbent, thereby having most of its initial adsorption capacity restored: services provided by DEC SERVICE.

When a low quantity of activated carbon is employed in the DEC.AFU™, the adsorbent may be disposed-off.

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