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In today's dynamic industrial landscape, maintaining optimal performances and compliance with environmental regulations is paramount.

Effective VOC emission control systems play a crucial role in safeguarding air quality and ensuring regulatory adherence.

However, troubleshooting and resolving issues related to the VOC abatement systems can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially for organizations with limited on-site expertise.

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DEC (Dynamic Environmental Corporation) comprehensive Help Desk Services (DEC.HDS™), addresses these challenges by providing expert engineers with remote access to industrial control systems through our DEC.RCS™ platform. This advanced solution enables our service team to provide real-time assistance, troubleshooting issues and optimizing VOC emission control systems remotely.

DEC.HDS™ • benefits

  • Reduced Downtime: DEC.HDS™ helps minimize downtime and production disruptions by promptly addressing VOC emission control system issues through remote expert assistance;
  • Improved Efficiency: leveraging remote expertise eliminates the need for onsite visits, saving time, resources, and travel expenses;
  • Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness: DEC.HDS™ offers a cost-effective solution compared to traditional onsite troubleshooting, reducing the burden on in-house technical teams;
  • Expanded Expertise: access to DEC SERVICE team of experienced engineers ensures access to specialized knowledge and skills whenever needed;
  • Reduced Risk of Errors: remote troubleshooting minimizes the risk of human error and potential damage to equipment.
  • DEC.HDS™ • service request, remote support process

  • Customer Initiates Support Request: when a VOC emission control issue arises, the customer initiates a support request through our secure online portal;
  • Service Engineers Assess Issue: our process and/or automation engineers promptly review the customer's request, gathering relevant information and identifying the possible root cause of the problem;
  • Remote Connection Establishment: with the customer's authorization, DEC.HDS™ engineers establish a secure connection to the industrial control system using DEC.RCS™;
  • Real-time Troubleshooting: engineers remotely access the system, visualize the control parameters, and interact with the equipment to diagnose the issue;
  • Proactive Solutions: based on their expertise, engineers provide detailed troubleshooting steps and recommendations to resolve the problem effectively;
  • Issue Resolution: by following the engineers' instructions, customers can promptly resolve the issue, restoring system functionality and optimizing VOC emission control.
  • DEC.RCS™ • the gateway to remote support

    DEC.RCS™, our remote control and support platform, serves as the cornerstone of DEC.HDS™. It facilitates secure connections between our engineers and industrial control systems, enabling real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and adjustments. DEC.RCS™ offers several key features:

  • Secure Remote Access: AES 256-bit encryption ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data transmitted during remote sessions;
  • Visualization and Control: engineers can visualize real-time process parameters, historical data, and control modules through DEC.RCS's intuitive interface;
  • Interactive Support: engineers can interact with the system, executing commands, making adjustments, and troubleshooting remotely;
  • Documentation and Reporting: DEC.RCS™ generates comprehensive reports documenting the support session, including actions taken and recommendations.
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    DEC.HDS™, powered by DEC SERVICE, empowers industrial organizations to maintain peak VOC emission control performance and regulatory compliance. Our remote expert support service reduces downtime, improves efficiency, and enhances cost-effectiveness, ensuring that industrial facilities operate reliably and sustainably.

    DEC SERVICE is committed to providing our customers with a seamless and effective remote support experience, empowering them to optimize their VOC emission control systems and achieve their operational goals.

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