Ceramic Channels | Honeycomb

The ceramic honeycomb structure is a key component of DEC.RTO™'s: it consists of a network of thin-walled channels made of ceramic material, typically cordierite or silicon carbide. The honeycomb structure provides a large surface area for heat transfer and efficient contact between the solvent laden air (SLA) stream and the ceramic material.

At the core of an DEC.RTO™'s success lies the innovative use of ceramic channels honeycomb (DEC.CCH™), a key component that significantly enhances the system's performance and efficiency.

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DEC.CCH™ • key performances

  • Maximizing Surface Area: DEC.CCH™ (Ceramic Channels Honeycomb) boasts a unique structure composed of numerous small channels or cells: this design maximizes the surface area available for heat transfer and reaction, allowing for efficient contact between the exhaust gases and the catalyst or heat storage media within the DEC.RTO™. The extensive surface area enables enhanced thermal efficiency and contributes to the effective removal of pollutants.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: RTOs operate at elevated temperatures to facilitate the oxidation of pollutants. DEC.CCH™ (Ceramic Channels Honeycomb) is specifically engineered using high-temperature resistant materials such as cordierite or silicon carbide. These ceramics exhibit exceptional thermal stability, withstanding the extreme conditions present within the DEC.RTO™ without significant degradation. Their durability ensures long-term reliability and minimizes maintenance requirements.
  • Heat Transfer and Energy Recovery: efficient heat transfer is crucial in RTOs to optimize the energy consumption of the system. Ceramic channels honeycomb facilitates effective heat exchange by storing and transferring thermal energy within its intricate network of channels. During operation, the hot gas flow is periodically reversed, allowing the stored heat to be recovered and transferred to the incoming exhaust stream. This process significantly reduces fuel consumption and overall operating costs, enhancing the sustainability of the DEC.RTO™.
  • Catalyst Support: DEC.CCH™ (Ceramic Channels Honeycomb) serves as an ideal support structure for catalyst materials employed in DEC.RTO™s. The large surface area and porous structure of the honeycomb provide ample contact points for catalyst deposition, promoting efficient pollutant oxidation. Catalysts, typically based on metals like platinum or palladium, help accelerate the conversion of harmful compounds into harmless byproducts, further enhancing the DEC.RTO™'s overall performance.
  • Corrosion Resistance: industrial exhaust streams can often contain corrosive elements or compounds. Ceramic channels honeycomb exhibits excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, ensuring prolonged service life and consistent performance. The corrosion resistance properties of the ceramic material protect the honeycomb structure, maintaining its integrity and preventing potential leaks or system failures.
  • DEC.CCH™ • conclusion

    DEC.CCH™ (Ceramic Channels Honeycomb) plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance and efficiency of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers DEC.RTO™: its unique design, high-temperature resistance, and catalytic support properties enable efficient heat transfer, energy recovery, and effective pollutant oxidation. By utilizing ceramic channels honeycomb, industries can achieve superior air pollution control, reduce operational costs, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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