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In the realm of industrial VOC emission treatment processes, Solvent Recovery Units (SRUs) play a crucial role in safeguarding the environment by reclaiming valuable solvents and preventing their release into the atmosphere. However, conventional SRU designs often face limitations in energy efficiency, leading to significant energy consumption and environmental impact. To address these concerns, a groundbreaking technology known as DEC.ULP™ has emerged, offering an unparalleled approach to energy recovery and enhanced sustainability.

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The DEC.ULP™ process configuration can deliver a remarkable 30% reduction in the heat thermal balance of the Solvent Recovery Units (SRU), translating into substantial energy savings and increased process efficiency. This innovative technology demonstrates DEC continuous pursuit of enhanced energy efficiency in SRU processes, paving the way for sustainable and cost-effective solvent recovery solutions.

At the heart of Ultra-Loop™ lies a unique combination of THR™ processes applied activated carbon (AC) and hot nitrogen regeneration DEC.RSG™ TSA process, a revolutionary technique that utilizes the inherent properties of AC to effectively remove solvents from contaminated streams. Unlike conventional SRUs that rely on steam regeneration, DEC.RSG™ employs an effective TSA cycle (with hot nitrogen) significantly reducing the energy demand and associated environmental footprint.

DEC.ULP™ • harnessing waste heat

DEC.ULP™ is an innovative energy recovery process specifically designed for SRU applications. This approach drastically reduces the energy consumption, by maximizing the recovery and reuse of the TSA energy: DEC.ULP™ can achieve up to a 30% reduction in the heat thermal balance of the SRU.

DEC.ULP™ • streamlining complexity

Unlike conventional TSA regeneration cycles that rely on steam, the DEC.RSG™ TSA process utilizes inert gas (nitrogen) for a simpler and more straightforward approach: this allows for the recovery of solvent mixtures that are either soluble or partially soluble in water or form azeotropes with water.

When paired with DEC.ULP™, the DEC.RSG™ TSA process offers significant advantages over vacuum-assisted T+VSA systems. Vacuum-assisted T+VSA cycles typically involve complex and costly vacuum systems, contributing to the overall SRU expenses. Additionally, vacuum operation can present operational challenges (e.g. steady SLA flowrates and VOC concentrations) and safety concerns. Conversely, DEC.ULP™ eliminates these complexities, lowering capital expenditures and ensuring a more secure and reliable operation.

DEC.ULP™ • a paradigm shift

The introduction of DEC.ULP™ marks a significant advancement in solvent recovery technology. By recovering TSA energy and reducing the need for external heating sources, DEC.ULP™ achieves remarkable energy efficiency gains and simplifies the SRU process. This innovative approach not only reduces operating costs but also contributes to sustainable industrial practices. As industries seek to optimize resource utilization and minimize their environmental footprint, DEC.ULP™ is poised to become the preferred process coupled with SRU solvent recovery method for gas phase applications.

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